White Sacha Inchi Seed

The scientific name of the Sachi plant is Plukenetia Volubilis which is commonly known as Sacha inchi. In particular, Sacha Inchi is considered a plant that brings high nutritional and economic value to Vietnamese farmers.

With the high nutritional value of Sachi seeds, they are rich in omega – 3, omega – 6 and omega – 9. Not only that, but this is also a seed that contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamin E, fiber, and protein. Sacha Inchi seeds have long been considered one of the strong export commodities in Vietnam. With the main export markets are Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines and some large importing countries such as the US.

Sacha Inchi seeds are used as a raw material for the production of functional foods and cosmetics.

Product White/Black Sacha Inchi Seed
Packing 5kg/vacuum bag and 5bags/carton box
Carton dimension 32x32x60cm
Carton weight 26.5kg/box
Loading 20.4tons/container
Shipping term FOB, CIF, CFR
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