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The outstanding advantage of bamboo brushes compared to plastic brushes is environmental friendliness. The product is made from bamboo material which is considered safe and friendly to nature. Normally, a bamboo brush is fully composed of the following parts:

+ Brush body: The body of the brush is made of 100% natural bamboo with a long lifespan. The product offers sturdiness and durability. With modern denaturation technology, 3H treats bamboo materials perfectly against termites, warping and mold in the shortest time.
+ Bristles: The bristles are made from synthetic medical plastic fibers, including two types: soft and stiff but with enough elasticity. Soft bristle brushes are being recommended for customers who prefer softness.
+ Color: The product is made entirely from bamboo, so it has a dominant natural yellow color.

1. Product: Bamboo Brush
2. Certification: ISO 9001:2008
3. Material: PP, Nylon, Bamboo
4. Color: white, White, transparent and any color required.
5. Long: 150mm – 190mm/Piece
6. Packing: 1000 Pieces/Carton (as customer requirements)
7. Weight: 10 – 15gram/piece
8. Delivery: 15 working days

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