Water Hyacinth Place Mats

Home accessories – Various sizes handmade water hyacinth place mats

The round placemats made from natural water hyacinth are made by the skillful hands of Vietnamese artisans. Water hyacinth placemats are often used to decorate dining tables, houses, and household items. Diverse in size and shape, this accessories make your dining table more lively and interesting.

Besides, from natural water hyacinths can be made into many different household and decoration items such as water hyacinth baskets, and water hyacinth slippers,.

1. Product: water hyacinth placemats/carpets
2. Material: natural water hyacinth
3. Part: square and circle
4. Size: as customer requirement
5. Color: natural color of dried water hyacinth
6. Packing: in PE/PP bag and carton box

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