Coconut fiber rope – Environmentally friendly solution

3H is one of the manufacturers of coconut fiber products such as coir fiber rope, and coco coir poles,….. With experience in manufacturing, packaging, and exporting to many countries such as Korea, Russia, USA, Germany,… We are confident that we can provide customers with high-quality products and competitive prices.

What is Coir Rope?

Coir rope is a natural, durable, completely environmentally friendly product made from coconut shell fibers. Coconut fiber rope is increasingly popular because of its outstanding advantages compared to traditional ropes.

Advantages of coconut fiber rope:

  • Durable: Coconut fiber rope has high bearing capacity, good abrasion resistance, and a long service life.
  • Environmentally friendly: Coconut fiber rope is made from natural materials, is completely biodegradable, and does not harm the environment.
  • Diverse sizes: Coir ropes are produced in many sizes, suitable for many uses

Applications of coconut fiber rope:

  • Coir rope is widely used in many fields
  • Agriculture: Used to tie trees, make climbing trellises for trees, make sunshade nets,…
  • Construction: Used to tie piles, make anchor ropes, make material loading ropes,…
  • Decoration: Used for interior and exterior decoration, making handicrafts,…

Benefits of using coconut fiber rope:

  • Durable, long life: Using coconut fiber rope helps save replacement and repair costs.
  • Safe for the environment: Coconut fiber rope contributes to environmental protection, limiting the use of traditional ropes made from plastic.
  • Aesthetics: Coconut fiber rope has a natural, rustic beauty, suitable for many decorative styles.

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