Natural Coir Planter Pots

Natural coconut coir fiber pots

Coconut coir pots are made from the main raw material is coconut fiber. After being treated, coconut fiber is cleaned and dried to remove impurities and bacteria.
Next, it is molded to form pots of different sizes. In the natural environment, these pots decompose from 3 months to 1 year depending on the thickness of the pot. Coconut coir pots are being considered the current growing trend because of their simple, rustic beauty. Not only that, it also contributes to environmental protection by using natural materials


  • Product: coconut fiber pot
  • Raw material: coir
  • Diameter: 11cm, 14cm, 16cm,… (as customer requirement)
  • Height: 14cm, 16cm, 18cm,…(as customer requirement)
  • Packing: 90-100pcs/carton box
  • Packing dimensions: 54x54x38cm
  • Keywords: Coir Pots, Coir Fiber Pots, Coconut Pots, Coconut Fiber Planter Pots, Coco Pots,…

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