The story of growing asparagus

Asparagus is a green vegetable native to the Mediterranean. Asparagus is known as the king of vegetables because of the nutrition it brings to consumers
Besides, the demand for importing asparagus from countries such as Australia, Taiwan, and Korea is considered to be increasing. Therefore, asparagus is considered one of the products with extremely great potential.
But the quality requirements of importing countries for products are extremely high. Therefore, 3H Trading Company Limited has gone to the growing areas to work with farmers on plant varieties, water sources and growing processes,… to ensure the best quality products will be harvested.
The initial difficulties in producing export products that meet the best standards of this item include:
  • Ensure food safety
  • Time and temperature for storing goods during transportation
  • Control water sources during cultivation
  • Control the growing area
  • Plan to harvest asparagus and deliver it to customers
With the highest quality and stable output for asparagus products, exported to Taiwan, Australia,… 3H is proud to be the first exporter to overcome all barriers in quality and pesticide residues. ,.. to be able to export fresh asparagus products to Korea. And customers are also extremely satisfied with the quality we provide

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