Our Cuttlefish Bone Factory

What are cuttlefish bone?

The cuttlefish bone is the squid’s inner shell, made of porous limestone and a thin outer layer of horn.

Cuttlefish bone is an inedible part of the squid but is one of the raw materials used to produce medicine, and a rich source of calcium for animals.


Cuttlefish bone/Sepia bone contain mainly inorganic ingredients, including sodium chloride, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, colloids and a few organic substances.

Our factory:

We, 3H, are proud to be the direct manufacturer of cuttlefish bone. With experience in manufacturing and packaging for OEM orders and exporting to many countries such as the US, New Zealand, Germany, Czech Republic,….

We are proud to believe that we can provide customers with high quality products at the most reasonable prices.



Natural, natural & trimmed, bleached & untrimmed, bleached & trimmed and bleached & trimmed (oval shape)


Small (3-9cm), Medium (10-14cm), Large (15cm up)


5-10% max

Broken rate

10% max


Blister, zip bag, carton box, PP bag

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